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Do you feel that there should be more to the life of your film, after a few festival screenings? Do you think that your film should be able to reach worldwide audiences and build their fan base just like feature films and TV shows do?

We believe that the real impact of your film can only be achieved if it reaches an audience of millions! In the era of social media entertainment what used to be the greatest disadvantage of a short film – its length – is now its greatest power! There is an endless possibility for short films to build an active, devoted fan following worldwide!

We created CULT SHORTS to draw the magnificent, shocking, hilarious, terrifying, transgressive, imaginative short films from the brink of oblivion and to bring them to the largest audience there is – the internet. But this is NOT another online festival.


We create an individual strategy for the promotion of each film on all the major social network and video hosting services – Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

Our mission is to select a wide range of films that we believe are delivering their message in an engaging and entertaining way and make sure these films reach the widest possible exposure.


From here on, it is all up to the audience to decide the finalists and ultimately, the winner. The 35 films that will create the largest following online, will receive our official CULT SHORT FINALIST laurel and will be included in the live screenings of the CULT SHORT FILM FESTIVAL.
The authors of the finalists will be granted hotel accommodation, free dinners and drinks at our events and parties, and will have the chance to enjoy watching and talking about their films with a live audience and meet fellow filmmakers, talk about the future of their projects and cult film in general.

The film that has created the largest cult following – estimated by online views, comments, likes, and shares, will be awarded a cash prize of 1000 Euros, a statuette, and a laurel “CULT SHORT OF THE YEAR” at the closing ceremony.

CULT SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL happens every year in a different remote location throughout Europe. Read about CULT SHORT FILM FESTIVAL 2021 here

We are open to any genre and style but we are especially excited to see films with vivid characters that can spark a strong emotional response! Films in traditionally underrepresented genres within the European festival circuit: comedy, horror, thriller, fantasy, science fiction, adventure, musical, mystery, western – are especially encouraged to apply!

And in the true fashion of cult cinema, we do not care if your film was made yesterday or one hundred years ago!

Photo by Greg Rakozy


  2. We add a short fade in/out of our CULT SHORT logo with the appropriate category, at the beginning of every film.
  3. If you plan to release the film on other YouTube channels, or if your film is already online, you can still submit, but the film can only be considered for the non-competitive ORBIT SELECTION.
  4. The 35 finalists and the winner of the 1000 euro cash prize award, will be chosen based entirely on audience views, engagement – likes, comments, and shares on YouTube and Vimeo. This is why films in the official competition may not be released online prior to or during the one year while in competition.
  5. YOU MUST HAVE LICENSING RIGHTS FOR ANY MUSIC USAGE. Please make sure your licenses are for online usage (including YouTube) for all territories. If you have “handshake” agreements with labels or musicians, you must obtain formal licenses to pass through YouTube’s automatic copyright system, or be prepared to reach out to your contacts to clear all copyright claims that pop up.
  6. There is no limit as to how many films you can submit. However, each film can only be submitted once in one single category.
  7. The completion date does not influence the submission selection.
  8. Previous Festival history for the film does not influence the submission selection.
  9. You are free to request a withdrawal of your film from our selection before the announcement of our official finalists. We are not able to provide any refunds.
  10. If selected for the festival the applicant acknowledges and agrees that the film will be displayed online on YouTube and Vimeo with an option of live screenings for the selected finalists and any additional special-screening programs.
  11. All films in any different language from English must necessarily be subtitled, in English.
  12. Submissions are completely free by the 28th of February 2021. From March 1st a small submission fee will be introduced.
  13. To submit before the 28th of February, send us an e-mail to with a preview link to your film and brief information.
  14. For your submission to be valid, we need you to clearly state in your e-mail the acceptance of all the regulations on

Submission entirely free by May 2021

Submit your film

Fill in the form below and our team will reach out shorty.


What is a cult film?

The term cult film was first used in the 1970s to describe the culture that surrounded underground films and midnight movies, but since then the inclusive definition of “cult film” has extended to include a wide spectrum of styles and genres and the only real definition is a film that has acquired a dedicated,
passionate fan-base that engage in repeated viewings, quoting dialogue, and audience participation.

How do you decide whether a film has cult potential?

Since our main goal is to let the audience decide on the finalists and winners, we strive to include as many films as possible in our program. However, our team of cult film enthusiasts agrees on the films in competition based on their potential to attract specific audiences. Note that a cult film is not a film that is liked by everyone, but a film that is liked by a certain group of people A LOT. A cult often speaks to a subculture that is underrepresented or portrays a familiar story in a new way. Cults can be genre films or films that bend genre conventions or completely reject them. Our eyes and ears are always set on dynamic, provocative works with charismatic, relatable characters and original, unpredictable stories.

When should I submit my film to Cult Shorts?

We believe that for any film, building a distribution strategy is essential. The advantage of submitting to Cult Shorts is that once we select your film, we can agree on the date of your online premiere, which could easily be months after we have selected it. This way you can plan your online release in advance. Note that depending on your festival strategy, an online premiere doesn’t mean an end to your festival life, as many top film festivals accept online films, like Sundance and SXSW for example. Nevertheless, in the true spirit of the cult film, Cult Shorts love “older” films, meaning that we are here for you even after a few years of completing your film.

Can I submit a web series?

Yes! We are still figuring out details on web series, but we are excited to see and consider your work.

Do you have a special interest in a certain region?

As a festival based in North Macedonia, we are very much interested in promoting the cinema from the Balkans, Caucasus, and the Eastern Mediterranean regions, but we are absolutely open and excited to consider works from across the globe.

How do you shortlist your finalists?

Three months after the online release of the film we calculate the views, shares, and comments and will send you a report. The 35 best performing films will be our official finalists and the director, writer or another representative of the film will be invited to the festival event in Macedonia in September 2021.

If I’m accepted, do you require exclusivity?

If you wish to be part of our official competition, our only request is that you don’t already have your film uploaded on YouTube. This plays in your favor when we calculate the audience engagement, meaning that people who want to see your film can only see it on our channel, so you don’t divide your views and comments between different uploads. If you have a very interesting film that is already performing very well online, but you are interested in our promotion and representation, you can still apply to our non-competitive Orbit Selection.

Do you watch every submission?

It is our policy that every submission is viewed in its entirety and given full consideration. If for any reason, you feel your film wasn’t viewed in its entirety, you’re welcome to reach out and test us.

Do you offer submission fee waivers?

Yes. Even though as a new festival we need the submission fee, which at 10 euros is already symbolic, we understand that film-making, especially when it comes to short films is tough and if you really want to submit your film but are not currently able to afford it, write us an email at and tells us about your situation and your film.

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