I’m Not Gay

A comedic short film about two guys refusing to confess their sexual attraction towards each other.  Cast: Vanja Trojachanec, Hristo Cholakov & Darko Minevski  Written

I Never Saw Myself Again

On his deathbed, Antônio discovers a truth more cruel than nonexistence. Starring: Nina Denobile Rodrigues - Girl; Marco Faustino - Antônio; André Marques Gila - Boy Directed by: Demerson Souza and Laysla BrigattoWritten by: Demerson SouzaAnimation:


A guy named Paul tries to survive a zombie apocalypse in Bavaria. Together with his taxi driver Karl, he has to fight several zombie attacks to get on time for his date with his girlfriend. Starring: David Zimmerschied, Manuel Renken, Geneviève Boehmer,

Purple Dictatorship

Yeda, a green woman, sells bread to support the house where she lives with her sick husband. Through the context of green people, we know the reality of those who live on the margins of a purple and conservative society. An opportunity makes Yeda rethink her


A world where everyone lives in the workstations and eats liquid food coming from dispensers. Workers that are only numbers fulfill incomprehensible and alienating tasks to earn points and reach a target to move up the chain and access a better life. We know