About the film

A guy named Paul tries to survive a zombie apocalypse in Bavaria. Together with his taxi driver Karl, he has to fight several zombie attacks to get on time for his date with his girlfriend.

Starring: David Zimmerschied, Manuel Renken, Geneviève Boehmer, Sebastian Mohr, Anja Neukamm,

Directed by: Simon Lahm
Written by: Maik Gießler, Simon Lahm
Produced by: Jan Jaeger
Associate producer: Beatrice Festerling and Tim Luna
Director of photography: Nicolas Mussell
Edited by: Beatrice Festerling
Visual Effects by: Christian Planitzer, Karsten Schulmann, Daniel Raboldt
Special makeup effects: Philipp Rathgeber

Genres: Short | Comedy | Horror
Country: Germany
Production companies: Grünfilm

About the author

Simon Lahm

Simon Lahm (born 1985) – studied director at the Macromedia University of applied sciences in Munich. He worked as a projectionist in a movie theatre for 5 years and founded a production company called “Grünfilm” until he became a salesman for several international media companies.

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"It is my homeland Bavaria that inspires everything I do. The people here are very conservative and every crisis shows that they already act like zombies, so I decided to make a little fun of that... There is even a small group of hardcore fans in Munich that watch my movies in Munich's cult cinema "Werkstattkino".

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