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Velika, a young and ambitious teacher from the city, is sent to a remote village in the mountains of Macedonia to teach the children there. However, days pass by and the school remains empty, with no children in sight. The only living soul that meets her there is an old woman, the school janitor. Without the guidance of the old woman, the teacher would be facing a long and cold winter. A winter that might never break into spring.

Director: Ana Jakimska
Producer: Dejan Krajchevski, Marija Dimitrova
Editor: Gorjan Atanasov
Screen Writer: Branko Kosteski
Sound Designer: Risto Alchinov
Music: Bosko Mangarovski
Director of Photography: Naum Doksevski
Art Direction: Kiril Spaseski
Cast: Natasha Petrovic, Shenka Kolozova, Vladimir Petkov-Chkalja

Production Companies: KRUG Film, Audiohaus, Fx3x

About the author

Ana Jakimska

Ana Jakimska is a film director and writer from Skopje, Macedonia. Her short film The Children Will Come was nominated for Best Live-Action Short Film at the Shanghai International Film Festival in 2017 and was screened and awarded at over 40 festivals worldwide. Ana is currently developing her feature film debut, “Midnight Train”, which won the development grant from the Film Agency of North Macedonia and was developed at First Films First Young Directors’ Academy and Midpoint Institute. She is an alumna of Talents Sarajevo (2019) and a graduate of Film Directing (2016) and Comparative Literature (2011).

2017 The Children Will Come (live-action, short)
2019 Neon Hearts (live-action, short)
2021 Blue Hour (live-action, short, in pre-production)


"Some say that in dreams we understand our lives better. This was my intention, to step away and reflect on our moment in history in the widest sense, as humankind."

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