About the film

A 10-year-old Albanian Muslim boy, Arben decides to participate in a religious competition organized by his school in honor of the Christian holiday Epiphany, in order to get the 10 000 denar award and help his little brother who is very sick.

Original title

Written and Directed by: Lidija Mojsovska
Produced by: Petar Dzurovski
Executive producer: Irina Lazarova
Director of photography by: Branko Avramovski
Edited by: Mihail Dimitrov
Music: Damjan Tomoski
Costume Design by: Zaklina Krstevska
Production Design by: Boban Petrushevski, Anastasija Velichkovska


About the author

Lidija Mojsovska

Lidija Mojsovska was born on 03.07.1993 in Struga. At the age of 19, she moved to Skopje to study Film and TV Directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. During her studies, she directed two short documentaries and three short fiction films. In 2015 she received production funds from the National Film Agency of North Macedonia for her short fiction film The Award. The film has so far received 18 international awards. In 2015 she participated at the Talent Campus Sarajevo and in 2017 at the Go Short Talent Campus. With her script for the short film titled “Only the devil hates water”, she participated in the NISI MASA-European short pitch program. In 2019 she completed the middle-length documentary, titled “The Way of Clave” shot in Dallas, Texas, and North Macedonia, produced by Makedox. She is the founder of Drim Short Film festival, organized annually in her hometown Struga.

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