About the film

A Man and a Woman pressed by the circumstances. The Man is ill, the Woman takes care of him. Their love is dying.

Starring: Katelina Kancheva and Milen Pushnikov

Directed by: Krum Yankov
Written by: Krum Yankov
Produced by: Katelina Kancheva and Krum Yankov
Director of photography by: Delyan Georgiev
Edited by: Krum Yankov and Katelina Kancheva
Music: Delyan Georgiev

Country: Bulgaria

About the author


Krum Yankov is a Bulgarian filmmaker and theater director. Coming from a background in Directing, Acting and Writing.
He has earned his degree in the Department of Theater from New Bulgarian University-Sofia. In 2014 he was one of the participants in Talents Sarajevo. He is an author of short movies and plays.

Katelina Kancheva is a Bulgarian actress and filmmaker coming from a background of directing and acting. She has earned her degree in the Department of Theater from New Bulgarian University-Sofia. She had a one-year class of directing for movies and television in NAFTA-The National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts-Sofia and also 3 months scholarship specialization in Utrecht School of the ARTS (HKU). She also studied contemporary dance techniques at International Nomad Dance Academy. Katelina Kancheva performs in many independent art projects and she keeps researching “What are act, dance, theatre, and film in every art field”.

"To untie the knot you need to set it on fire - it will burn and the two ends of the rope will hang free."

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