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Veska is a naive, awkward small-town girl, who dreams of money and fame. One day, she meets Beba – a beautiful street prostitute. Dazzled by Beba’s stunning pop star-esque appearance, Veska immediately wishes to become like her. One disastrous date after another leads her to the “fairy godmother” of all prostitutes.

Starring: Sofia Bobtcheva, Silviya Stanoeva, Snezhina Petrova, Kitodar Todorov, Alexander Hadjiangelov Featuring: Valeri Vulchev, Yordanka Yoveva, Rachel Row, Santra, Polly Genova, Antoniya Yordanova

Written and Directed by Andrey Volkashin and Peter Vulchev Produced by Kameliya Petrova Cinematography by Kiril Prodanov Edited by Bohos Topakbashian Music by Rachel Row

Production company: Arteria Films

About the author

Andrey Volkashin, Peter Vulchev

Andrey Volkashin has written and directed several short films in Macedonia,
Bulgaria, and Bosnia, which have premiered at Oscar, Bafta, and EFA
qualifying festivals around the world (Brussels, Huesca, In The Palace,
Tirana, Drama, Sofia, Iris Prize, Sarajevo, Image+Nation, etc). His latest short
film “Snake”, opened at the 35th Brest ESFF in November 2020 and has
since won four awards for best film. He developed the screenplay of his
first feature film project “Ripe Pomegranates” at Script Development 2018 and Script Lab 2019 at the Torino Film Lab. Currently, Andrey is developing his drama series
project at the Serial Eyes program in Berlin.

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We just wanted to make a comedy and when you make a comedy in the Balkans, you can’t avoid the rich inspiration from the absurdities that surround us. But as soon as we started working on it, we knew this was something that no one had done before!

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