About the film

Quadraturin is a film adaptation of a darkly comical short story by Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky, set in 1920s Soviet Union.

Sutulin, a young ordinary man living in a tiny room in a communal Soviet apartment, is visited by a mysterious stranger who offers him an opportunity to try out ‘Quadraturin’ – a miracle product that promises to enlarge interior spaces. Sutulin takes up the offer – with surprising consequences.

Starring: Edward Franklin, Jeff Fahey, Jo Cameron Brown, Branko Tomovic, Olga Fedori

Written and Directed by: Laura Hypponen
Produced by: Laura Hypponen, Patrick Hart, Kasia Skibinska
Director of photography: Luca Rocchini
Edited by: Laurent Chinot, Music by: Dylan Bates
Costume Design by: Louise Marchand-Paris
Art direction by: Vana Karamanou

Country: UK, Finland
Production company: Electric Blue Films, Cassiopeia Pictures

About the author

Laura Hypponen

Laura’s gritty East London set debut feature Live East Die Young (2012) was nominated Best UK Feature at Raindance and Golden Hitchcock at Dinard. It was sold internationally by Paris-based Reel Suspects and distributed globally by iTunes. Her subsequent ten-part art film series Ten Faces of Anna (2014) premiered as installation at Arts Council England supported Stanley Picker Gallery in Kingston, London, with episode Dolly winning Best Actor at ASVOFF Paris Centre Pompidou. It screened at international film festivals including the BAFTA-qualifying Aesthetica in York. Laura’s teaser for Charlie, a new British crime drama TV series, recently won Best Trailer award at Los Angeles Film Awards. In addition to narrative films, Laura’s work spans fashion films, music videos and experimental artist moving image work.

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There’s a cinema of the imagination, the cinema of dreaming, the cinema of nightmares, and that is where I live more… This is why I wanted to make films, you know, this is why I fell in love with films.

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