About the film

A comedic short film about two guys refusing to confess their sexual attraction towards each other. 

Cast: Vanja Trojachanec, Hristo Cholakov & Darko Minevski 

Written and Directed by: Martin Chichovski 

Produced by: Marvie Productions 

About the author

Martin Chichovski

At 16 years of age, Martin Chichovski, with his first no-budget feature debut “Ema” manages to earn national distribution in Macedonia. His short series “Light” has been screened at multiple film festivals in Europe, including nominations for Best Cinematography, Best Editing and Best Music at the ‘Top Indie Film Awards’ in Tokyo, Japan. With “Light” came a new light, the birth of his productions company ‘Marvie’ located in Skopje, Macedonia. Holding 5 original Marvie short films and 2 features under his name. Currently filming the long-awaited teen drama series “Tremor”, working with film funds and finances for the first time ever, now at the age of 19.


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