About the film

On his deathbed, Antônio discovers a truth more cruel than nonexistence.

Starring: Nina Denobile Rodrigues – Girl; Marco Faustino – Antônio; André Marques Gila – Boy

Directed by: Demerson Souza and Laysla Brigatto
Written by: Demerson Souza
Animation: Laysla Brigatto
Produced by: Demerson Souza
Music by: Guilherme Gila
Edited by: Carlos Gabriel Pegoraro

About the author

Demerson Souza, Laysla Brigatto
Demerson Souza has a degree in Cinema and Audiovisual, 2020 he completed the films Mamãe Tem um Demônio and I Never Saw Myself Again. The works went on over 30 festivals, and he won several awards.
Laysla Brigatto is a filmmaker who graduated from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi. She was co-director, screenwriter, and producer of the short film “Sununga” (2018) and co-director and animator of the animated short film “Nunca Mais Me Vi” (2020), made from short notice at home.

"The old man is resistant to the idea of dying even though he's suffering, and I think that's a very honest approach, and he confronts Death herself who's also honest about what it is like, and what comes after. Even though it's a calm film, I think that's a more turbulent approach to the subject."

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