About the film

Every morning Nivaldo washes his car, closes his eyes and cums.

Starring: Cllau Soares, Sammia Gonçalves

Written, Directed, and Edited by Caio Dornelas
Produced by Lucas H. Rossi dos Santos
Director of photography: Breno César
Music by Juliano Holanda
Art director: Luca da Cruz
Production companies: 9 OITAVOS

About the author

Caio Dornelas

Caio Dornelas has already developed works in various functions in the production of audiovisual content and related projects and dissemination or training in language. In recent years he has been dedicated to the study of script and direction. In 2018, he participated in the artistic residency at the Porto Dragão do Mar School of Audiovisual Narratives, under the tutelage of Karin Ainuz, Sério Machado, and Nina Kopklo. He is currently preparing to film his first fiction feature film script.

I grew up in the countryside of Pernambuco in the 90s, a context in which the autocracy was a condition and that crossed all dimensions of society. The job your parents had, the relationships you build, the feeling of belonging to social groups, leisure, all of that, and much more was indiscriminately related to the car you have, or don't have. The power of consumption as a social affirmation was wide open all the time in a society on the margins of capitalist privileges. Tucked into this where all the dimensions of toxic masculinity and that was from that social broth, along with the landscape of the countryside of Pernambuco, from which Auto Falo emerged, a film with a very personal dimension, but which openly dialogues with different audiences. It is a web of memories, but also a colorful and fantastic pamphlet on the dystopia of a crisis of values society.

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