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turn on your tv – mistrust the manufactured image – distrust the signs – discredit the mass media – corrupt the sounds – disrupt the construction – distrust the noise – exalt your brain – fuel the ephemeral delusion – wake up from your humdrum nightmare – turn into a pixel – who commands – the alpha and beta sides of your soul – don’t kill your tv.

AM:PM is a dystopian and experimental film in which analog TVs, through sound and imagery waves, have the power to break the dimensional wall in which we find ourselves, transferring the user to an alternative reality based on their unconscious.

Starring: Natália Garcez and Caio Graco

Written, Directed and Produced by: Thaís DeMelo
Director of photography by: Pedro Carballal & Rodrigo Chagas
Edited by: Thaís DeMelo

Genres: Short | Experimental
Country: Brazil

About the author

Thaís DeMelo

THAÍS DEMELO (BRAZIL, 1995) is a creative and film director B.A in cinema & video, her work involves cinema, videoarts, production, editing, and development or artistic installations. Present in cinema and art festivals, cultural collectives, expo/exhibitions in museums and art galleries such as The Museo De Arte Contemporaneo de Alicante – Maca (Spain), Palais de Glace (Argentina), Casa Belgrado (Argentina), Anthology Film Archives (USA), Galery Geo (Norway), The Monarch Theater (Canada), Elysium Gallery (Wales), Tactilebosch (United Kingdom), Oped Space Gallery (Japan), Roodkapje Rotterdam (Netherlands). Her skills also include film distribution, curatorial, dadaism/soundcapes research, urban interventions and sales. Some of her works are based in Neo Dada researches, mixing traditional audiovisuals techniques with art, noisy soundscapes and image overlays.


"I wanted to make an unpretentious experimental film. I mixed the initial idea of noise with the “entertainment drug” thing and imagined a dystopia where the use of TV and smartphones was banned and they started to be smuggled due to the fact that the sound waves, the noise and the imagery waves coming from analog TVs can cause hallucinations in people for 12h straight (that’s the reason of the name AMPM). I already think that this actually happens, people are sucked by their smartphones, computers, and TVs. AMPM is just an exaggeration of reality with a touch of magic and riot."

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